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Led nail lamp 48W

Sun pro led nail lamp

PRICE:10.27-13.27 USD
Quick Details
Type:UV Lamp
Brand Name:RN
Model Number:RN-SUN Pro 48W
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
rated input:100-240v 50/60Hz 0.5A
wave length:365+405nm
curing time:30s,60s
led smd:20pcs double leds,3pcs red leds
Application:Nail salon;SPA nail
Lamp Type:SMD LED
Packaging Details
  • Power: 48W 
    Product size:215*210*90mm
    Net weight:366g
    gross weight:650g
    packing size:  225mm*203mm*93mm
    quter box size:455*624*392mm(24PCS)
    led Qty:20pcs+3pcs red light
    light source wavelength:(365+405nm)+(660-665nm)
    Rated Input:100-240V 50/60Hz 2.5A
    Rated Output:DC12V 
    Leds lifetime:50000H
    Gel type:LEDglue,UVglue,EXtend glue
    surface material/process:ABS/UVPaint

    1. The product is made of ABS plastic, the weight is portable and not broken. The bottom of

    the product is easy for users to move
    2. Big internal use space, improve the toasted feet because the internal space is too small

    to let go into the trouble

    3. Red light function: add three Double-chips 660nm red lamp beads, which can prevent the

    black skin from ultraviolet radiation, and enhance the anti-black effect
    4. The built-in 99S painless mode completely solves the problem of the pain of the hand

    during the use of the user
    5. The display timing function, the curing time is easy to control
    6. The product has the domestic appearance patent and the European Union appearance patent,
    and has passed the CE.ROHS.FCC certification



    20 UV/LED beads and 3pcs red leds(365+405nm)

    MAX power:48w

    Adpter:Rated input :100-240v.50-60Hz

    product size:215*120*90mm

    gift box size:225*210*100mm


    Quter box size:463*645*420mm


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